4 digits LED display programmble counter(FT-48)

● Digital programmable counter
● 48mm*48mm,Dual line 4 digits display
● Panel mount type
● Dry contact, NPN input
● Maximum 2 outputs(OP1 and OP2)
● 85~265Vac or 24VDC source
● SV counting/Batch counting/Totalizing count
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● -1999~9999 range
● Input frequency 1HZ to 5000HZ configurable
● External reset and pause function
● Up or down counting mode selection
● 12VDC auxiliary power for sensors
● Memory function/power failure retention
● Decimal point display
● Encoder Quadrature inputs
● Multiplier available for easy distance measurements
● Output off delay
● RS-485 Modbus RTU
● The lower display can be configured to display batch count value, totalizing count value
● The OP1 relay can be configured as the output for batch counting, or totalizing count

User Manual-(FT-48) 212KB
Catalog-(FT-48) 76KB
This video featuring one of the standard feature of our counter, counter with input 1, when PV reach to SV, the OP1 relay energized and PV reset, the OP1 relay has different output format which is configurable via software 
This video featuring one of the standard feature of our counter, two inputs can be connected to this counter, Input 1 and input 2, when input 1 comes in, the PV goes up, and when input 2 comes in, the PV goes down, when PV reach to SV, OP1 relay energized and there are various output type on the OP1 relay, the output type is configurable via the software

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