Head Mount Galvanically Isolated Temperature Transmitter(TT-216)

● Maxwell temperature transmitter,TT-216
● Universal input
● 4-20mA output
● Input and output galvanically isolated
● Round type head mount
● Input and range configurable
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● P100,Cu50,T,E,J,K,N,R,S,B,
● 12~40VDC power supply
● Input output galvanically isolated
● 0.1%F.S accuracy
● Input and range PC configurable via software
● Different housing color
● Private label available on request
● Model number Maxwell TT-216
● CE comply

Catalog-(TT-216) 739KB
This is a video tutorial video on how to use the configuration software for our item TT-216
1)First step would be plug the USB cable provided by us to your PC
2)And find out which COM port is assigned to the connection
3)Follow other steps in the video 

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