Temperature controller with timer with delay start function(FTX00-B612)

● Timer+Temperature controller
● Timer will be triggered when PV reach to setpoint
● With Delay start function
● Alarm relay can be used as limit switch
● Relay or SSR Drive output
● 85~265Vac 24VDC/AC
● Ideal solution for water bath, dental sterilizer, food dryer etc.
● Generally good for application with time and temperature involved
● Timer and controller, limit switch 3 in 1
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● This controller with timer has a unique feature which is delay start, you can turn on the controller and system when you leave the site, but the heating process will begin after certain period of delay time, and the delay time range is configurable from 0~9999 minutes

● Universal input(TC/RTD)
● Temperature controller with timer
Timer range:0~9999 minutes
● Delay start range:0~9999 minutes
● Timer will be triggered after process value reach to preset value
● Process value deviation high alarm
● When deviation alarm triggered, the heating process will be terminated, this feature acts like a limit switch,
● Alarm 2 will be triggered after entire program finished

● C/F display selectable
● 0.3%F.S measuring accuracy
● Bar graphic display
● RS-485 available
● 24VDC source optional

User Manual-(FTX00-B612 Temperature controller with timer) 0.99 MB
Catalog-(FTX00-B612 temperature controller with timer) 1.78 MB
This video demostrate how to configure this temperature controller and timer, only three parameters to be configured, tap on SET key, the first parameter is TEMP, this is the parameters for the setting value(SV), tap on SET key again you will see parameter DELA, this parameter for the setting on the delay time(range is 0~9999 minutes), tap on SET key, you will see parameter HOLD, this parameter for setting on the hold time range

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