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DC input DC load SSR(MS-DD60/110/220XX)

Item NO.:MS-DD60/110/220XX


Single phase DC to DC SSR

Input: 5-32Vdc, Load from 10 amps to maximum 120 amps

Mosfet output, ideal for small resistive load and excellent for valve control etc
Three options for load voltage, 60VDC,110VDC, 220VDC
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● Single Phase Solid State Relay
● DC to DC
● Input:5~32VDC
● Load:10~120amps 60-220VDC
● All models with the same universal standard size
● Protective cover for greater safety
● DC input and DC output
● Fast response and robust
● Zero cross function
● No noise during the operation
● Chassis mount
● Mosfet Output