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DC Input AC Load SSR(MS-1DA48XX)

Item NO.:MS-1DA4825,MS-1DA484,MS-1DA4880,MS-1DA48100,MS-1DA48120


Single phase solid state relay(MS-1DA4825,MS-1DA4840,MS-1DA4860 etc)
DC 3-32V input, 480Vac Load, from 10 amps to maximum 120 amps
Zero-crossing trigger, 10A to 40A Triac, 60 to 120 amps back to back SCR

1 year warranty, with protection plastic cover
CE comply

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● Single Phase Solid State Relay
● DC input AC load
Load:10~120amps 480Vac
● All models with the same universal standard size
● Protective cover for greater safety
● 10A,25A,40A with triac inside, and 60A and above with back to back SCR
● Fast response and robust
● Zero cross function
● No noise during the operation
● Chassis mount
● Built-in RC snubber
● CE certified