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Enhanced PID Temperature Controller(FTX00)

Item NO.:FT100,FT101,FT400,FT700,FT900


Digital PID Temperature Controller, Auto/Manual Control function


PID Auto-tuning, 1 alarm, Universal Input(TC/RTD/Analog)

Relay/SSR Drive/4-20mA output

Power supply:85~265Vac 50/60HZ

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  • Specifications
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● Digital PID Temperature Controller
● Size:48*48mm,48*96mm,96*48mm,72*72mm,96*96mm
● Dual display,4 digits,7 segments LED display
● 0.3%F.S Measuring accuracy
● Bar graphic display indication
● Celsius or fahrenheit display selectable
● Universal Input(TC,RTD,Analog)
● Relay/SSR Drive/4-20mA/0-10VDC output
Auto/manual control bumpless transfer

● 1 alarm as standard package
● Power supply:85~265Vac 50/60HZ
● Alarm standy function, sensor break protection
● Soft-start function(useful in hot runner application)
● RS-485 Modbus RTU optional
● PV/SV Re-transmitted optional
● Remote Setting point optional
● Position feedback optional
● 24Vdc AUX power optional
● Triac output optional
● Multiple setting points feature optional
● Output restriction function(for analog output only)
● 2 alarms, maximum 3 alarms optional

● CE comply