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Potentiometer input voltage regulator(MS-1VR3825,MS-1VR3840)

Item NO.:MS-1VR3825, MS-1VR3840, MS-1VR3860, MS-1VR3880


Potentiometer input single phase power regulator
Input: 0-500K or 0-1000K potentiometer
Load: 10~120 amps 220Vac/480Vac
Single phase, panel mount type, potentiometer and knob available

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● Single phase potentiometer control power regulator
● Load: 10~120 amps, 24~480Vac,
● 500K potentiometer for 220Vac load, 1000K potentiometer for 480Vac load
● Ideal for resistive load
● Potentiometer and knob available
● Protective cover included