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M40H Series Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoder

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Incremental Model
External Diameter of 40mm
Resolution up to 3600ppr

Various output Type

Hollow type

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● Incremental Rotary Encoder
● External Diameter of 40mm
●Resolution up to 3600ppr
● Various output type
●Hollow type and built-in type
●Power supply: 5 VDC / 8-30 VDC
● Current consumption: 100mA(Load disconnected)
● Output:NPN/PNP open collector/Complementary/Voltage/Line Driver/Push-Pull(HTL with reverse signal)
●Frequency: 100K HZ Frequency=RPM*Resolution/60
● Shaft loading radial: 10N
● Shaft loading thrust: 20N

●Weight: Approxi 0.20KG

●Protection level: IP50

●Temperature: operation(-10C~+70C), storage(-30C~+85C)